graphics/podofo: 0.10.x requirement

From: Guido Falsi <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2023 14:53:37 UTC

As the maintainer of the calibre port, while trying to update to 6.18.x 
I've discovered that now calibre requires the new API/ABI incompatible 
podofo 0.10 version.

I also guess that other ports will also grow such requirements in the 

So my question, both general and to the sunpoet as podofo maintainer, 
is, how should we address this?

Also, is this already being addressed, maybe?

We can't simply update graphics/podofo, obviously (all dependent ports 
would brake).

Plan 1 - My first idea is creating a graphics/podofo10 port that can be 
installed in parallel with graphics/podofo (by changing the name of 
every file installed that conflicts), so that ports moving to the newer 
library can be patched to use the newer one.

plan 2 - Another option is doing the same as above, but my updating 
podofo to the latest version and moving old 0.9.x to a graphics/podofo09 
(or whatever) port, updating all dependencies to use the older port for now.

Plan 2 - is not what I'd prefer right away, but could have the advantage 
that sometime in the relatively distant future when most dependencies 
will have been moved to podofo 0.10.x we will not need any further big 
change to change the "default" version.

Any opinion? if no work is already underway IO could start looking into 
Plan 1, but it will take a little time before I get anything I can share.

Guido Falsi <>