Re: Samba troubles after 13.1 -> 13.2 upgrade

From: Kevin Oberman <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2023 04:49:24 UTC
On Thu, May 25, 2023 at 9:55 AM Andrea Venturoli <> wrote:

> Hello.
> FYI:
> _ Samba 4.16 working perfectly on 13.1;
> _ upgrade 13.1 -> 13.2;
> _ pkg upgrade -f (installing the same packages, same versions, but
> compiled for 13.2);
> _ opening certain shared files gives "directory name is invalid" (I've
> seen several mention of this in the forums, going back several years,
> but no explanation other than that Windows or Samba mistake these files
> for directories);
> _ 'find {share} -exec rmextattr user DOSATTRIB "{}" ";"' will fix.
> No questions; just a post for the records in case someone gets into this.
>   bye
>         av.

That's not how packages work.  Packages are built for the oldest supported
minor version for a given major version, so ports are still built on 13.1
and will be until 13.1 EOLs in, I think, in July.
FreeBSD promises that the ABI will not change for the life of a major
release. (There have been a couple of mistakes in the past, though.) So
there is no reason to re-install packages for minor releases and the issue
you are seeing must be an issue in something in the system or, possibly, a
change in default options, assuming that the port version has not changed.

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