Re: Improving www/chromium build time on arm64

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 21:55:49 UTC
Now that there seems to be people who are building chromium and have very fast machines, I'll hang around :)

I am building chromium using a 4 threads cpu and limiting MAKE_JOBS_NUMBER to 3.
However, there seem to be moments when the load average rises to about 7, even though nothing else is done and the conditions are calm.
It seems that node is being used by the chromium build at that moment, which by default uses 4 threads per process.
The basis for this 4 is a variable called v8_thread_pool_size in ${WRKSRC}/src/node_options.h of node, but it can be optionally changed.

Here's something I haven't tried yet, but I think the environment variable NODE_OPTIONS=--v8-pool-size=1 would limit it to 1.
If the problem is that the CPU is overused, this may also be one of the solutions.
Can someone please try to see if this makes it better or worse? :)