Re: python pip install does not work on FreeBSD 13.2

From: Miroslav Lachman <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2023 16:45:06 UTC
On 15/05/2023 18:06, Yuri wrote:

> That's strange, looking at the git history, even 11.0 shipped
> /usr/bin/ld as a symlink to /usr/bin/ld.bfd, is it possible it was
> modified locally for some reason?
> git show origin/releng/11.0:gnu/usr.bin/binutils/ld/Makefile
>> So is there some bug in "make delete-old"?
> No, delete-old should not delete /usr/bin/ld as it still exists, it's
> only supposed to delete /usr/bin/ld.bfd (the gnu one).

I am sorry for the noise. This is really local problem on our side. 
Thanks to David Wolfskill for his private message. We have some special 
process of preparing and distributing updates where rsync is involved 
and there is the problem (some changes are not transferred)
So really not a bug in FreeBSD.

Kind regards
Miroslav Lachman