FreeBSD Port: print/texlive-base: libpoppler in LIB_DEPENDS

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Mon, 08 May 2023 04:12:17 UTC

texlive-base-20230313_2 has library dependency on poppler-23.04.0.
However, I cannot find the basis for this by running the following command.

pkg info -lq texlive-base-20230313_2 | xargs readelf -d -- | grep libpoppler
pkg info -lq texlive-base-20230313_2 | xargs strings -- | grep poppler

If libpoppler is not used, the dependency should be eliminated.
It is because when poudriere removes the poppler package, it may be causing texlive-base to be removed at the same time.
Building texlive-* packages seems to have a large storage I/O cost, so I would like to avoid frequent removal.

(I have CC'd to tex@ but I do not subscribe it :) )