Re: uefi-edk2-bhyve missing from MOVED

From: Yuri <>
Date: Sat, 06 May 2023 16:08:23 UTC
Yuri wrote:
> The following commit made bhyve a flavor in sysutils/edk2, shouldn't the
> original sysutils/uefi-edk2-bhyve be added to MOVED as it's otherwise a
> bit surprising without looking into the git history :-)
> commit 2e6a6ccd15d1c2b83ea238325b9feddff4f8eaa7
> Author: Rebecca Cran <>
> Date:   Wed May 25 13:33:53 2022 -0600
>   sysutils/edk2: Add bhyve as a new FLAVOR of edk2
>   Instead of having a separate sysutils/uefi-edk2-bhyve port, add bhyve
>   as a FLAVOR of sysutils/edk2 and delete sysutils/uefi-edk2-bhyve.

Nevermind me, and sorry for the noise, somehow my MOVED file was outdated.