Re: removing mutt patches

From: Amar Takhar <>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2023 22:04:35 UTC
On 2023-05-05 20:19 +0200, Felix Palmen wrote:
> So, again IMHO, let's stick to the "only patch ustream when really
> needed to fix something" policy with Mutt as well.

I've used Mutt from the first version when I was eager to switch from Pine.  I 
have to admit I have never heard of NeoMutt.

It would be nice to have a message in pkg-message explaining the port is now 
vanilla outside of fixes and anyone looking for former patches should try 

I'm not a fan of advertising alternate software but in this case it's still Mutt 
but users looking for a similar experience to the old port may want to try out 
NeoMutt I know I will be looking at it to see what's up.