Re: INDEX-12 gotten by portsnap is not updated

From: Colin Percival <>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2023 14:46:05 UTC
On 5/4/23 23:47, Colin Percival wrote:
> On 5/4/23 02:09, Felix Palmen wrote:
>> I have a possible update for this commit that avoids the part that
>> *seems* to be problematic here. It's more verbose now, but probably also
>> more readable, so, will put this up for review soon.
>> But probably it still makes sense to have some up-to-date environment
>> for portsnap ;)
> Indeed.  I think I've fixed it by copying a newer /usr/bin/make into the
> build environment -- I should be able to confirm whether it works soon.

Confirmed, portsnap's INDEX is working again. :-)

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