Re: devel/py-setuptools_scm >= 7.0.0

From: Charlie Li <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 13:33:56 UTC
Moin Rahman wrote:
> Apart from creating another port I would also advise whether if you can 
> add a feature knob for setuptools_scm in
We don't need more feature knobs in, especially not those 
related to setuptools.

On the other hand, once devel/py-setuptools58 becomes fully operational 
for USE_PYTHON=distutils, setuptools itself cannot remain in 
setuptools_scm's RUN_DEPENDS, since not every setuptools_scm consumer is 
PEP-517-compliant (build-depends would try to install both setuptools 
packages, which conflict). So a dependency shorthand variable, and not a 
feature knob, encapsulating both setuptools{,_scm} can be considered. 
Still have reservations even for this however.

Charlie Li
…nope, still don't have an exit line.