Re: How long do main commits take to reach the repos? [Was: Re: git: 70b4957fa52b - main - multimedia/plexmediaserver-plexpass: Update to]

From: Jan Beich <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2023 04:12:05 UTC writes:

> multimedia/plexmediaserver_plexpass was updated to on the
> 18th (8 days ago, see qutoed below), but the public repo still has
>  I checked that I'm using /latest, and that a git pull
> shows the commit.  Normally updates to this port go live pretty
> quickly since it's a NO_BUILD=yes.  Is there something stalling the
> repo updates?

Here's my observation based on public data:
- some poudriere hosts are slow e.g., beefy6 exceeds timeout on www/chromium
- after a build has completed it may take some time to sync mirrors
- packages are always built as a set to avoid ABI mismatch
- all packages are force-rebuilt on OS updates[1]
- incremental builds excessively obsolete existing packages[2]
- each build starts on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun at 01:00 UTC
- if the previous build didn't finish yet the next one is skipped

To check:
1. Open
2. Type desired major version + architecture in Search field e.g., 131amd64
3. Look at Build column and check if the ports commit contains the desired update
4. Confirm Status column is stopped:done 
5. Calculate Started + Elapsed (or check timestamp in the last log)
6. Add up to 2 days to sync mirrors depending on how many packages were built

For example, 43e248a61351 is probably still syncing mirrors after rebuilding
everything caused by the recent security fixes in base system.
landed on 2023-06-18 (Sunday), *after* another build has started that ended up
skipping 2023-06-20 (Tuesday) build due to ~1 hour overlap.

[1] Precaution against ABI changes on -CURRENT (via __FreeBSD_version bumps) and
    secfixes on -RELEASEs that may affect headers, static libraries, toolchain, etc.
[2] Precaution against PORTREVISION underbumping, obsoleted by shlib_require in pkg(8)
    See also