Re: OpenSSL 3.0 in the base system update

From: Eugene Grosbein <>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2023 23:51:26 UTC
09.06.2023 18:33, Moin Rahman wrote:

>> On Jun 9, 2023, at 5:22 AM, Eugene Grosbein <> wrote:
>> 09.06.2023 0:13, Ed Maste wrote:
>> [skip]
>>> We welcome feedback from anyone willing to test the work in progress.
>> Is it possible to grab some binary snapshot of 14-CURRENT to install into a VM and test my port that fails build?
>> If not, how do I build 14-CURRENT with OpenSSL 3.0 myself?
> At the moment there is no binary snapshot as the codebase has not yet
> been merged into the Source of Truth. The best way to test your port
> is either with poudriere or with a local jail. In case you are using
> poudriere the following might be helpful for you:
> git clone openssl3-src
> cd openssl3-src && git checkout khorben/openssl-3.0.9
> poudriere jail -c -j MAINopenssl3 -b -m src=<PATH TO>/openssl3-src -J 64
> If you are the Eugen from gost-engine then I believe it should be a simple
> upgrade to the latest 3.0.1 version.

I am. The port security/gost-engine already supports OpenSSL 3.0 but requires non-default build option to use it.
I guess, I need to rework the port to use flavours instead. But, I worry about net/mpd5 this time.

> And if you do not have enough firepower for running HEAD jail submit a
> patch and assign it to me. I will look into it.

I will use my local bhyve to run HEAD+OpenSSL 3.0
I can build it myself and buildworld finished already, in fact :-)

Thank you all who responded.