Re: [through-able] poudriere: I don't want to rebuild rust with PORTREVISION bump of curl

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 03:54:57 UTC
Nuno Teixeira wrote on 2023/01/20 19:14:
> Other trick for those using -devel (-b latest||quarterly) is to start
> building until dependency is done, stop poudriere and restart it. Next
> build will use rust-1.66.1 from cache without rebuild it. :)

I haven't used poudriere-devel for a while because I didn't like the way it resolved dependencies...
Will the method continue to work when packages that require curl-7.87.0.pkg and packages that require curl-7.87.0_1.pkg start to mix?
I build a single package that requires curl (e.g. git, libkml, netcdf, proj...) when curl is updated, for example.
So I have a feeling that if the rust prepared the way requires the old curl, there will be some conflict when the already updated package installs the new curl.
Well, this is a guess, and one that we won't really know until we try it :)

Anyway, the previous email is for anyone who has ever thought about replacing +*MANIFEST of a package :)