Re: www/gohugo needs a new maintainer - and how to stop maintaining Ports?

From: Sergio Carlavilla <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 16:03:10 UTC
El mar., 17 ene. 2023 16:58, Ben Lavery-Griffiths <>

> Hello all,
> It is with sadness that I find myself with no time or headspace to
> continue maintaining www/gohugo and sysutils/zfs-snap-diff.
> My understanding is that I should be able to update the MAINTAINER field
> to something so I am no longer the listed maintainer - but what do I need
> to update it to?
> Also, because the FreeBSD docs project uses www/gohugo to build the
> website (and other things?) I don't want to leave the Port without a
> maintainer, so would love to support someone taking over the maintainership
> of it!
> I have CC'd Fernando and Sergio as they contacted me a couple of years ago
> in relation to FreeBSD being used for the website and I think it is right
> to keep them in the loop of any developments :)
> Many thanks!
> Ben

Hi Ben,

First of all, thanks for helping us with Hugo :)

And yes, we're using Hugo to build the website and the documentation.

I'll try to maintain gohugo since we're using it.