After pkg upgrade to 2023Q1 ports branch, browsers crash with OOM in Javascript

From: José García Juanino <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 22:18:50 UTC
Hi all,

I upgraded yesterday my ports tree to 2023Q1. A lot of ports were
updated, including firefox-esr and chromium.  Before the upgrade, I
frequently visited several grafana dashboards with no problem. But
after the upgrade, both firefox and chromium consume the overall
memory host and crash with an OOM in Javascript when visiting the same
grafana site.

I am unable to make any assumption about what causes this problem, but
the only solution for me is to revert to the previous boot environment
(yes, I always create a new boot environment *before* any important
change in my FreeBSD OS). After that, my grafana site behaves before.

Firefox was updated from 102.6.0,1 -> 102.7.0,1 but notice that
chromium was not: it was reinstalled, as I can read in the messages
log file:

Jan 13 22:56:05 riemann pkg[1799]: chromium reinstalled:
108.0.5359.124 -> 108.0.5359.124

As I said before, the issue is not related to a specific browser, as
the OOM happens in both.

Does anyone else suffer from this issue apart from me? Any idea what
could cause it?