Re: Building gcc12 parallel

From: Dimitry Andric <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 14:57:39 UTC
On 14 Jan 2023, at 15:53, Willem Jan Withagen <> wrote:
> Machine has 56 cores and 256G, so things should work fast.
> Trying to build (big) some stuff in poudriere and now build is stuck on GCC-12.
> Which it seems to do in serial mode, atleast I can only detect max 1 compile-thread.
> And that is of course going to take forever.
> So what do I need to do to get Poudriere to call the gcc-12 build with something like -j 56 or so.

See /usr/local/etc/poudriere.conf:

# By default MAKE_JOBS is disabled to allow only one process per cpu
# Use the following to allow it anyway

# List of packages that will always be allowed to use MAKE_JOBS
# regardless of ALLOW_MAKE_JOBS. This is useful for allowing ports
# which holdup the rest of the queue to build more quickly.
#ALLOW_MAKE_JOBS_PACKAGES="pkg ccache py*"

So in your case, adding gcc-12 (or gcc-*) to ALLOW_MAKE_JOBS_PACKAGES might help.