Re: npm install, ports and poudriere

From: Matthias Fechner <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2023 09:30:00 UTC
Am 13.01.2023 um 04:30 schrieb Hiroo Ono (小野寛生):
> I made a port of MongoDB Compass  .
> As it is an electron app, I need to use "npm install" to build it.
> npm install does not work without network connection, while poudriere
> allow network connection only at fetch time.
> As a result, I need to do bunch of things in fetch mode, and the
> Makefile became as attached. Is this acceptable as a port?
> If not, I need to rework the Makefile to do npm install at build time,
> but that makes the port not officially buildable I think. (though to
> each of us, there is ALLOW_NETWORKING_PACKAGES option in
> poudriere.conf)

there are several frameworks that bring there own dependency management 
with it (go, node,  rust, ...).
Go also needs to fetch dependencies and maybe it is an idea to do the in 
a post-fetch step.

I and go is doing it be using something similar like this:

Maybe this can be done in a similar way for npm?



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