Re: Putting OPIE to rest (was: Re: cant login after make installworld: not found)

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2023 03:49:40 UTC
On 1/5/23, Graham Perrin <> wrote:
> I recall the original email

Orthagonal as it, and some notes since neither consider any
potential gap issue or/of any perhaps whimful removal process,
nor moves forward on any of potential better alternatives to that
which were hint (port) a bit in posts even before the removal was taken.
Opie is not some hi-maint lo-api-compat legacy driver holding back
kernel dev, it's a tiny stable user app plugin that just works for decades.
Now users are posting locked out, punted to deploy non-replacements,
and can't even compile it back because code gone from trees in use.
There was hardly reason to remove it (lots of other things could be
considered "outlived usefulness" but don't get removed), and even
if so (as perhaps part of say some larger discuss on pam), there
was zero reason for the removal team not to portify it given
FreeBSD has already set good example of moving even
large/complex user apps from base to ports.
That should have, and still should be done, with opie.

Consider on that process for future,
rather than whatever is thought of some app.


Cc: ports, as the lo-maint hi-api-compat opie could also be
used to +1 their competitive 35k count :)

See also compat{M}x-{arch} packages.