Re: How poudriere's PACKAGE_FETCH_WHITELIST should work?

From: Miroslav Lachman <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 12:48:30 UTC
On 16/02/2023 03:10, Mark Millard wrote:


>> # note that I avoided recreating llvm13 and llvm15 that way :)
> Turns out my notes did not apply: the person I replied to was
> using quarterly and so things were apparently not changing.
> But I'd not checked the transitive closures for the various
> ports involved for the 2023Q1 context. Using rust and its
> curl dependency as an example:
> curl in turn depends on at least devel/pkgconf , lang/perl5.32 ,
> security/ca_root_nss , www/libnghttp2 , security/libssh2 ,
> and dns/libpsl . So there is a fair list of things that can
> cause curl to rebuild, which in turn leads to rust potentially
> rebuilding, even if the rebuild result for rust ends up not
> being installed for lack of a version bump: existing install
> is still expected to be compatible given the lack of a version
> bump.

Yes, now it all make sense! So it seems llvm / rust / gcc will be almost 
always (re)built because of their dependencies changes a lot.
I'll try to dig deeper into this subject, maybe I will try to pre fetch 
dependencies of llvm, gcc and rust as well (if they don't have a 
different options then we need)

Thank you!

Miroslav Lachman