Re: www/chromium: fails to biuld on 12.4-STABLE amd64

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 03:29:01 UTC
In chromium-110.0.5481.77, use_system_libwayland is switched to false.

${WRKSRC}/third_party/wayland/src/cursor/os-compatibility.c of www/chromium and ${WRKSRC}/cursor/os-compatibility.c of graphics/wayland have the same code.
However, in FreeBSD 12.4-STABLE amd64, ${WRKSRC}/_build/config.h of graphics/wayland is configured as #undef HAVE_MEMFD_CREATE.
This is different from ${WRKSRC}/third_party/wayland/include/config.h of www/chromium.
memfd_create seems to be present in 13.1.

Therefore, the build will probably fail in 12.4.