Re: Bmake bad variable name

From: bob prohaska <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2023 04:16:02 UTC
On Wed, Aug 30, 2023 at 06:08:06PM -0700, Mark Millard wrote:
> looks unchanged
> just now, not just for this but for any changes. May be some
> other copy was changed or the old content is cached someplace?
The file was updated  
-rw-r--r--   1 fbsd  fbsd     4076 Aug 30 17:34 poudriere_on_rpi4
Possibly I hit send before saving the changes. If you don't see
the changes after reloading the page please tell me.

> But that buildworld buildkernel activity and rebooting to
> the new installed system and updating
> /usr/local/poudriere/poudriere-system should be done before
> even the "poudriere jail -c". The quoted material may be
> just out of order?

My question was where does the output of 
poudriere jail -c ... get written? I thought
it might be a dot file in /usr/ports or 
/usr/local/poudriere, but nothing is visible.

The sequence was 
1. update, build and install world and kernel
2. create /usr/local/poudriere
3. run in /usr/src the make commands to populate 
4. run poudriere ports command (this is where I expected some write activity
5. run poudriere jail command
6. use poudriere

In the event of step 1 re-run step 3
In the event of major version change delete the jail 
and re-run step 5 with the new version number

Does that make more sense?
> Late night operator error: "indented oddly" would
> be what I was intending.

Ahhh, now I get it.

Thanks for writing!

bob prohaska