Re: www/firefox{-esr} depends on llmv13 and not default 15

From: Dimitry Andric <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2023 11:10:18 UTC
On 30 Aug 2023, at 11:04, Nuno Teixeira <> wrote:
> LLVM is 15 and is also configured to use default version llvm.
> Can't understand why firefox build still depends on llvm13 or am I missing something?

I can't completely follow the twisty maze of Makefiles and included .mk
files, but the root cause seems to be that www/firefox depends on
several wasi ports, namely devel/wasi-libcxx, devel/wasi-libc, and in
particular devel/wasi-compiler-rt13:

BUILD_DEPENDS+= ${LOCALBASE}/share/wasi-sysroot/lib/wasm32-wasi/libc++abi.a:devel/wasi-libcxx \
                ${LOCALBASE}/share/wasi-sysroot/lib/wasm32-wasi/libc.a:devel/wasi-libc \

The problem is that there *is* no devel/wasi-compiler-rt15 port,
although I heard rumours of it being worked on. But apparently it has
not yet materialized, and neither has corresponding port for llvm16 or
17. It's a pity these can't be included in the regular llvm ports.

As to how the Makefile maze magically changes LLVM_DEFAULT and
LLVM_VERSION, I have no clue, and I don't want to debug the whole ball
of mud. :)