Re: poudriere: Ports a01debe78c6a results in failure: (devel/py-zope.configuration): Error: devel/py-zope.configuration depends on nonexistent origin

From: FreeBSD User <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2023 16:00:53 UTC
On Sun, 27 Aug 2023 17:40:22 +0200
Kurt Jaeger <> wrote:


> Hi!
> > On our poudriere build hosts poudriere fails out of the blue with the error shown
> > below.  

I realised that, but to the contrary, EoL'ing ports never resulted in a complete failure
of the build tree in poudriere.

An error warning was issued usually when a port has been EoL'ed and deleted and the local
list of to-be-build-ports still refered to it. I do not have any zope-related stuff in
the list or being aware of having ports depending on it (I simply do not know ...).

Also, I tried to "grep -r" through etc/poudriere.d/ and its subfolders to find anything
useful as a hint referring to devel/py-zope or "py39-zope*" - nothing. So I concluded
this must be a serious error in some of the ports tree files ... I might be mistaken.
> Recently, many zope-related ports were removed:
> That is the reason. You should be able to check out a git tree
> with an older version of the ports tree and try to build there.