Re: Getting lib32 porting effort unstuck

From: Gleb Popov <>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2023 08:01:40 UTC
On Wed, Aug 23, 2023 at 11:39 PM Theron <> wrote:
> On 8/23/23 15:58, Gleb Popov wrote:
> > If the 32bit library set doesn't need to be updated frequently one way
> > to do this is repackaging.
> > Write a script that builds required libraries in the 32-bit Poudriere
> > jail (possibly with LOCALBASE=/usr/local32 or something) and then
> > repackage resulting .pkg files into a single one. Then write a
> > NO_BUILD port that would install this huge .pkg
> That's the system that was previously in place.  The wine port
> maintainers at the time also operated a build server for this purpose,
> which served as the master site for the wine port's lib32 binaries.
> This had to be abandoned at least once as it was not always maintained.

Why not revive this approach? It doesn't seem like too much maintenance work.