Re: Building a Linuxulator userland from source

From: Trenton Schulz <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2023 13:22:45 UTC
Felix Palmen <> writes:

> * Trenton Schulz <> [20230822 
> 12:55]:
>> This is really fascinating work, and I see value in this even 
>> if some other
>> way of doing things eventually replaces the Centos-7 items.
> Thanks a lot!

No problem. Having been struggling with some cross-compiling 
issues at work, this hits home. :-)
>> Some of this has a bit of overlap with Gentoo prefix
>> (, where one puts 
>> the bare bones
>> of a Gentoo distro under a "prefix" (for example, 
>> /compat/linux), but then
>> you can use Gentoo's portage infrastructure to build the other 
>> parts of the
>> system.
> Hm, kind of interesting project ;) well sure, might be another 
> source to
> look at when hitting some weird issues. But using "portage" IMHO
> wouldn't make much sense, we already have our ports system ;)

Yes, yes. I guess this was more for hitting weird issues or 
another way for getting the Linux userland. When I have to do 
anything some GUI app in the Linuxulator, it's a struggle to track 
down all those extra libraries. Then, I start to think, I should 
make a "port for this", but by then, I have forgot to keep track 
off all the RPMs, plus I have it working on the one system I need 
it on, and then I move onto something else. (Master PDF Editor has 
been a victim of this a couple of times *sigh*).

In theory, with Gentoo prefix one "emerges" them out of the 
prefix. Of course, the ports tree could easily do this too, but I 
just thought you might be able to borrow some things out of 

Regardless, I'm really interested in how this turns out, so I 
think I'll just get back to watching and wishing you luck.

>> I imagine, you are maybe thinking of your own set of linux-* in 
>> the ports
>> tree, but this might also be useful area to borrow from?
>> Anyway, I'll lurk back into the shadows to see how this 
>> develops.
> Well, I guess it'll take me a few days to stabilize stuff and a 
> few
> *more* days to create some helpful USING for it ... but then, 
> I'll try
> to build some additional libs and find some proof of concept of 
> some
> Linux binary (closed-source?) working on it. That's the rough 
> plan ... I
> have some hopes ;)

Again, good luck! I guess Master PDF Editor could be a candidate 
for a closed source binary (I have made it work before in the 
regular Linuxulator, but don't use it now).

Best regards,


> Cheers, Felix