Re: Building a Linuxulator userland from source

From: Trenton Schulz <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2023 10:55:51 UTC
Felix Palmen <> writes:

> I assume/hope that's a minor risk. /usr/local is not in the 
> standard
> search paths of the toolchain, so, must be added explicitly. A 
> build
> system doing that without being requested to do so would be 
> pretty much
> broken. Furthermore, the toolchain is built 
> --with-sysroot=/compat/linux
> so prepends that to all the system search paths.
> Configure scripts finding *tools* in FreeBSD's /usr/local 
> *might* be a
> risk. Not an issue building with poudriere (the build jail will 
> only
> have what we want), but maybe an issue when someone builds the 
> ports in
> a live system.
> Well, we will see :) At least, I already have the first ports 
> building
> fine using shell and make from the Linux userland, e.g. here:

This is really fascinating work, and I see value in this even if 
some other way of doing things eventually replaces the Centos-7 items.

Some of this has a bit of overlap with Gentoo prefix 
(, where one puts the 
bare bones of a Gentoo distro under a "prefix" (for example, 
/compat/linux), but then you can use Gentoo's portage 
infrastructure to build the other parts of the system.

I imagine, you are maybe thinking of your own set of linux-* in 
the ports tree, but this might also be useful area to borrow from?

Anyway, I'll lurk back into the shadows to see how this develops.

Best regards,