Re: HEADS-UP: poudriere needs patching (was: Building a Linuxulator userland from source)

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 07:08:01 UTC
* Felix Palmen <> [20230820 22:18]:
> I'm about to update my feature branch again and from now on, to build it
> with poudriere, a patch will be needed.

Good news, I found a workaround to make it build with unmodified
poudriere again:

| .if ${POUDRIERE_NAME:Mpoudriere*}
| build-depends: poudriere-ensure-linux-devfs
| poudriere-ensure-linux-devfs: .PHONY
|         [ -c ${LINUXBASE}/dev/null ] || ${LN} -sf /dev ${LINUXBASE}/
| .endif

For now, I'll just add that snippet to ports needing it.

Still, "poudriere testport" will probably fail without changes to
poudriere. But at least, bulk should work this way!

Cheers, Felix

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