plist-check not reporting orphaned files present in a @comment

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2023 18:13:25 UTC
Hi all,

I'm having unexpected trouble with plist-check. I have some custom
PLIST_SUB expanding to "@comment " based on ${ARCH} and found that
orphaned files from ${STAGEDIR} weren't properly reported.

Then I tried to hardcode "@comment " in pkg-plist instead (to rule out
possible issues with expansion) and they *still* were not reported,
which seems very strange. Only when I removed the lines completely,
plist-check correctly reported the orphaned files.

The only "unusual" thing about the ports where this happened to me is
that they use a custom ${PREFIX} (not ${LOCALBASE}). I didn't test yet
whether this happens with default ${PREFIX} as well.

Sure, I should dig into the framework and debug it, but right now, it
would distract me from my ongoing project, so I thought I'd ask the list
first whether anyone has an idea what could go wrong here ^^

Cheers, Felix

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