Re: flavors and fulfilling pkg deps?

From: <>
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2023 04:45:39 UTC
On 2023-08-04 12:06, Ronald Klop wrote:
> I have port mongodb44. I want to create 2 flavors of it 
> mongodb44@default and mongodb44@armv80a. Unifi7 depends on 
> mongodb44(@default). If I install mongodb44@armv80a pkg wants to 
> uninstall mongodb44 and with it unifi7.
> Can I make the 2 flavors to fulfill the pkg dependency of unifi7? So 
> that it does not matter for unifi7 which mongodb44 pkg is installed as 
> long as one of them is.

No, the flavor becomes part of the pkgname, so you effectively have two 
unique pkgs: mongodb44-default and mongodb44-armv80a.  Ports and pkg 
haven't yet been taught to allow multiple pkgnames when solving 

FLAVORs should really be a last-resort option.  Can the default vs. 
armv80a decision instead be done automatically based on the value of ARCH?