[HEADS-UP] Ports using ImageMagick (USES=magick)

From: Felix Palmen <zirias_at_FreeBSD.org>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2023 11:52:18 UTC
Hi all,

I just committed an improved version of USES=magick here:

* For users:

DEFAULT_VERSIONS for ImageMagick now behaves in a more sensible way: The
version (6 or 7) and the flavor (x11 or nox11) are now considered

This means if you for example set

DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=	imagemagick=7-nox11

and some port requires ImageMagick6, but doesn't specify a flavor,
ImageMagick6-nox11 will be used.

* For port maintainers:

Please check your ports with USES=magick in these cases:

* You have some X11 or NOX11 option for your port. If this option is
  *only* used to select an ImageMagick flavor, then please remove it, it
  isn't needed any more, because users can just use DEFAULT_VERSIONS as
  described above.

* You depend on a specific version and/or flavor, e.g.
  USES=   magick:6,nox11
  Then please check whether this is really needed! If possible, remove
  these options, so the dependency always uses the user-specified
  version/flavor. This is to be preferred because any ImageMagick*
  packages conflicts on install with any other.

Thanks and cheers,

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