Re: Get ${OSREL} at install time

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 10:06:49 UTC
* Eugene Grosbein <> [20230418 17:03]:
> 18.04.2023 16:51, Felix Palmen wrote:
> > With lua scripts, you can't even use freebsd-version because execution
> > is very restricted for them in pkg. And for some features (like e.g.
> > dynamically creating a pkg-message output), you need lua...
> You don't need lua to create pkg-message dynamically or do many other things.
> It was possible long before invention of lua itself :-)

Maybe some context got lost here. You *do* need lua to dynamically
generate "pkg-message" output at install time. The pkg lua API for that
is pkg.print_msg(). It isn't available from shell scripts.

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