Re: Get ${OSREL} at install time

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 09:39:14 UTC
* Yuri <> [20230418 11:11]:
> Yuri wrote:
> > Took a look at this and now I'm wondering if it gets run at all, you
> > don't seem to specify PKGPOSTINSTALL in the Makefile, and
> > has it as just pkg-post-install, not handling .lua?  It's also is not in
> > the .pkg file contents.  Sorry if I'm missing something.
> Nevermind me, I see that it's there, sorry for the noise.

Yes, the .lua suffix is automatically tried somewhere deep down in the
scripts, I actually forgot where. Had to analyze them back when I did
this, because this whole feature (lua in package scripts) was largely
undocumented. This has been fixed by now however :)

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