Questions regarding BUILD_DEPENDS definition

From: Matthias Fechner <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 08:45:00 UTC
Dear all,

I have a question regarding BUILD_DEPENDS.
The manual in tells:
# BUILD_DEPENDS - A list of "path:dir[:target]" tuples of other ports this
#                                 package depends to build (between the 
"extract" and
#                                 "build" stages, inclusive).  The test 
done to
#                                 determine the existence of the 
dependency is the
#                                 same as FETCH_DEPENDS.  If the third 
field ("target")
#                                 exists, it will be used instead of 

So if I understood it correctly, it should only be used between the 
extract and build phase but should not be recorded as a dependency if 
the package is installed with pkg?

But it seems that pkg is pulling the BUILD_DEPENDS while installing the 

Clear example is this one:

How can I define a build dependency that is required to build the port 
but is not installed with the port?




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