Re: security/portsentry removal

From: Andrea Venturoli <>
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2023 07:47:15 UTC
On 4/8/23 04:56, Mel Pilgrim wrote:

>> Can anyone suggest something equivalent in the port tree?
> Have a look at fail2ban.  It's design intent is monitoring running 
> services, but really it's just a set of log file regex filters. Anything 
> that logs network activity can feed it.

Hello and thanks for answering.
In fact I'm already using fail2ban for "running" services.

Portsenty is a bit different, in that it's conceived to listen on ports 
used by non-running services.
Got a SMTP server? Let fail2ban check its logs.
No? Let portsentry listen on port 25.

I thought about writing regexes for fail2ban to check if ipfw denied 
access to ports where portsentry used to listen.
So far it's the best idea I've come up with, but I hoped for something 
simpler (i.e. more close to how portsentry worked).

  bye & Thanks