Re: What is this "gi" Python module that x11-toolkits/gtk40 wants?

From: David Wolfskill <>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2022 21:08:24 UTC
On Sun, Sep 11, 2022 at 07:21:16PM +0200, Jan Beich wrote:
> David Wolfskill <> writes:
> > | Adding test "reftest wrapping-in-boxes-in-boxes.ui"
> > | Program python3 (gi) found: NO
> > | 
> > | testsuite/introspection/ ERROR: python3 is missing modules: gi
> "gi" module is provided by
>   $ pkg which -qo /usr/local/lib/python*/site-packages/gi/*init*
>   devel/py-gobject3

I don't seem to have that installed:

g1-70(12.3-S)[42] pkg info -o devel/py-gobject3
pkg: No package(s) matching devel/py-gobject3

> which is pulled by
>   $ pkg query -g %rn py\?\?-gobject3 | xargs pkg query %o
>   graphics/graphene

I *do* have that installed:

g1-70(12.3-S)[43] pkg info -o graphics/graphene
graphene-1.10.8                graphics/graphene

(It was most recently installed Thu May  5 06:08:21 2022 PDT.)

> Before trying to build current version (4.8.0) make sure you can build
> previous version (4.6.3).

It *has* been a while since gtk40 was last built/installed: Thu May  5
06:11:13 2022 PDT.

> Try bisecting by creating a clean build
> environment in a jail then slowly replicating until the build fails.

Sorry -- last time I did anything with jails (other than merely using
poudriere) was around Spring or Summer of 2005: I am way out of practice
on that.  If there's a doc that's reasonably well-customized for this
type of activity, I might be able to follow it, but I believe Spouse has
some expectations regarding how I spend my weekend time.

I could certainly try installing the missing devel/py-gobject3.

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