Re: Adding MariaDB 10.6 as an available MySQL default version

From: Edward Sanford Sutton, III <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 22:54:27 UTC
On 10/26/22 09:03, wrote:
 > can MariaDB 10.6 (a LTS release) be added to the list of supported 
MySQL default
 > versions?
 > It's currently missing.
 > Mk/
 > # Possible values: 5.6, 5.7, 8.0, 10.3m, 10.4m, 10.5m, 5.7p, 5.7w
 > MYSQL_DEFAULT?=         5.7
   Mk/Uses/ has version specific lines on parts which makes it 
appear that 106m is a supported value. That is just a listing from 
Mk/ as a comment which should be updated to 
reflect that support unless it is actually missing. Porter's handbook 
should also be updated to represent an accurate list of values (or leave 
the text open ended telling users where/how to find valid options).
   Have you tried setting 10.6m despite the text and had issues? If just 
trying to use the latest for building ports against, you want to set 
"DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=	mysql=10.6m". I thought I recalled trying to set the 
other variable directly as I thought that's how I used to do it and 
ports tree prompted me to use that instead. It was several weeks ago I 
had recently played with trying to set overrides to move away from mysql.
   Only port I have where I intended it to matter was dspam but it 
failed to build if >105m was set last I tried; also failed with pgsql15 
when it was prerelease but now seemed to pass at least that build 
(unless I messed up setting it) though I didn't go back to 
testing/looking at mariadb build of it. Many other ports were forced 
into a rebuild on that poudriere run without build issues.