Re: Updating multimedia/gstreamer1-*

From: George Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 17:45:20 UTC
On 10/25/22 23:08, monochrome wrote:
> is anything happening with this? this suggestion did not work for me. I 
> have 4 packages that I couldn't reinstall during that update a week and 
> a half ago, and now they are holding up other larger updates like 
> qt5-webkit and webkit2-gtk3
> gstreamer1-plugins-core
> gstreamer1-plugins-dts
> gstreamer1-plugins-gl
> gstreamer1-plugins-resindvd
> adding:
> MESON_ARGS+= -Dallocators=enabled
> to the end of /usr/ports/graphics/gstreamer1-plugins-gl/Makefile
> worked for gstreamer1-plugins-gl, but not the others
> [...]

I'm adding the info from this message to bug 267132, since with this
change I can now get gstreamer1 compiled.  Have you seen the other
workarounds found in that bug?

(Also I CC'd you on the bug.)

-- George