Re: Blender

From: Dima Panov <>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 16:48:48 UTC

On 17.10.2022 10:21, Tatsuki Makino wrote:
> Tatsuki Makino wrote on 2022/10/16 15:45:
>> opensubdiv-3.5.0 package was created by poudriere bulk -T.
>> However, blender-3.2.2_2 build using it failed.
>> There is a line in the log that may be caused by opensubdiv.
> I don't know how to use OpenMP properly...
> In opensubdiv-3.5.0, OpenMP is used since NO_OMP was dropped.
> ( )
> Therefore, -fopenmp=libomp is added to all compilations.
> However, when linking libraries, it may be necessary to link some kind of openmp library, but there is no writing about it anywhere. (something like ${OpenMP_CXX_LIBRARIES})
> So I think that if NO_OMP is not written in CMAKE_ON, it will generate a library that cannot be used.
> This is just a guess by me, not understanding OpenMP :)

Blender have an options knob OPENMP to utilize it.

By the way, I'll modify opensubdiv to make openmp support optional too (off by defaukt)

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