Cannot build within a new 13.1 arm64.aarch64 poudriere jail

From: Naram Qashat <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 23:46:10 UTC
I recently created a brand new FreeBSD 13.1 jail for arm64.aarch64 on my 
amd64 poudriere. I am using poudriere-devel

I created the jail using the following command:

poudriere jail -c -m src=/usr/src -b -J 12 -j local_aarch64 -a 

My /usr/src is on the releng/13.1 branch.

Immediately after that, I attempted the following:

poudriere bulk -j local_aarch64 ports-mgmt/pkg

It fails at the configure stage, saying no working C compiler was found. 
Full log is here:

Oddly, if I run the above bulk command with -i included, when I am 
dropped into the jail's shell and move into pkg's work directory and do 
./configure, it progresses just fine.

What I'm not sure is if there is something wrong with how I created my 
jail or with poudriere or something with 13.1 for aarch64.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

Naram "CyberBotX" Qashat