Re: Request review on new port submission: py-ssh-import-id

From: Kubilay Kocak <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 23:42:48 UTC
On 13/10/2022 10:13 am, Pouria Mousavizadeh wrote:
> Hi,
> I submitted a new port in August, which I need, and I think other people 
> need it to be in port collections too.
> Most people use SSH with the Public Key authentication method, and it's 
> helpful if you have a tool that automatically downloads the user's key 
> and let it handles the authorized key files too.
> Would it be possible to review the following port submission?
> <>
> Best Regards,
> Pouria Mousavizadeh Tehrani

All done, happy to help further on IRC (Libera Chat #freebsd-ports, 
#freebsd-python) or FreeBSD Discord (#ports) if you need it