Re: security/py-fail2ban quits working after some hours

From: Michael Grimm <>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2022 18:38:15 UTC
Michael Grimm <> wrote:
> Cy Schubert <> wrote

>> I've been able to reproduce the problem here. Please try the attached patch 
>> obtained from our upstream. It fixes a dovecot regression that crept into 
>> the latest release.
> Yes, I am running dovecot jails at both servers.
> Like Roger, truss reports "ERR#60 'Operation timed out'", only.
> I did apply your patch, and both instances are up running. I will report back. But that will take some hours to observe.

Ok, after that many hours both fail2ban-servers are up running without an issues.

Thanks and regards,