Re: Installed unmaintained ports

From: Rodrigo Osorio <>
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2022 12:01:57 UTC
On 10/1/22 12:20, andrew clarke wrote:
> Is there a way to list all Ports I have installed that don't have a
> maintainer?
pkg query -e '%m =' %o
> I'm a bit concerned that genuinely useful Ports are disappearing from the
> tree, and wonder if more can be done to encourage new maintainers. I'd also
> like to see a "FreeBSD Maintainers Guide" or similar as I found working
> with FreeBSD Bugzilla recently extremely non-intuitive. I'm sure this gets
> easier with practice but as the maintainer of a single solitary port that
> rarely requires updating but which required a distfile URL change recently, I
> was completely lost.
> Particularly the part where "maintainer-approval" flag must be set to "+"!
> Maybe there's a guide somewhere that I've missed.
Maintainer approval flag is for maintainers to approve
a specific patch or attachment, specially if they aren't
the committers
> Anyway, my question is prompted by ftp/axel recently being removed from
> Ports. It was erroneously noted that upstream was dead in ports/MOVED:
> $ grep axel MOVED | grep 2022
> net-p2p/awgg||2022-09-30|Has expired: Depends on expired ftp/axel
> ftp/axel||2022-09-30|Has expired: Last release in 2009 and dead upstream, please consider using www/aria2
> However a quick web search shows the project is still alive:
If you think this port can be beneficial, you can
submit a PR to revive it based on this new repo.

> Another reason given was the port lacks HTTPS support:
> But should that matter? That seems like an arbitrary reason for removal.
> Anyway, it's also not true of recent versions.
> Is dead upstream sufficient reason to remove a port? I'm listed as the
> maintainer of editors/uemacs. The source code is now 26 years old! The
> author, Daniel M. Lawrence, died in 2010.
> (IIRC the only reason I'm listed as maintainer of editors/uemacs is because
> I submitted a trivial patch for it to continue builing with Clang when
> FreeBSD stopped using GCC.)
> Regards
> Andrew
-- rodrigo