Re: security/heimdal: heimdal-7.8.0 configure/build error

From: Cy Schubert <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 01:15:03 UTC
In message <
od.>, Tatsuki Makino writes:
> Hello.
> They may have already been found and are beginning to be fixed.
> But it may not be yet, so I'm writing about it here just in case.
> The environment is 12.4-STABLE amd64.
> In a clean environment like poudriere, python is not found and a configure er
> ror occurs.
> In an environment where various ports have already been installed, the follow
> ing message will appear.
> /bin/sh: no: not found
> *** Error code 127
> Stop.
> This is because CLANG_FORMAT is set to no when clang-format is not found.
> But after this, it checks that the length of CLANG_FORMAT is 0, so it tries t
> o do "no".

Sorry for the late reply.

This has been fixed by requiring LLVM_DEFAULT, which installs CLANG_FORMAT. 
CLANG_FORMAT=none and CLANG_FORMAT=/bin/true result in an asn1_compiler 
that doesn't work.

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