Re: HOWTO: specify a run dependency on a port without a single executable?

From: Christoph Moench-Tegeder <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2022 21:14:19 UTC
## Stefan Esser (


There's a Uses macro for ncurses, and I believe you're trying to do
USES+=ncurses:port. Else the dependency would look like
and you'd have to track that version (.6) everytime it changes in
ncurses, which would be a PITA, so just take the USES.
Also, the available USES macros are documented in the Porter's
> 2) The port wants the terminfo-db lpackage as a run dependency.
>    I can specify it as such, but this does not work in poudriere:
> 	RUN_DEPENDS= share/terminfo/a/ansi:misc/terminfo-db

As per the documentation
RUN_DEPENDS depends on a "executable or file", and "[i]f path starts
with a slash (/), it is treated as a file" and the example shows that
you can (and need to, in your case) prefix the path with ${LOCALBASE}
to get an actual full path.
You could also look at existing ports: e.g. editors/libreoffice (not
the simplest port, but the first one which came to mind) depends on
some fonts.


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