Re: FreeBSD Port: py38-openpyxl-2.6.4

From: Kubilay Kocak <>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2022 23:48:29 UTC
On 5/05/2022 3:09 am, Alex V. Petrov wrote:
> Very old version in ports.
> I have error with pandas:
> ImportError: Pandas requires version '3.0.0' or newer of 'openpyxl' 
> (version '2.6.4' currently installed).


Upstream  does not declare/register a dependency (required or optional) 
on openpyxl in but tests for it (3.0.0) within 
their 'compat' module [1] via upstream issue #39603 [2] added in the 
following commit:

Notably openpyxl is listed within Optional Dependencies, describe as:

"If the optional dependency is not installed, pandas will raise an 
ImportError when the method requiring that dependency is called."

This appears to be intentional error/messaging used to communicate to 
pandas users that the method being used requires an optional dependency, 
that is currently not available/installed, rather than a port/package bug.

A better UX for ports users would be to add OPTIONS that map to the 
categories of additional functionality, depending on the relevant 
optional dependencies. Example:

  - HDF depending on pytables
  - XLSX Support depending on openpyxl
  - etc ...