avoiding "install" for dependencies with PORTS_MODULES

From: G. Paul Ziemba <pz-freebsd-ports_at_ziemba.us>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2022 16:23:26 UTC
An unfortunate property of building ports locally (as opposed to
via poudriere) is that dependencies are often installed to the host
file system during the build even when I am not doing "make install"
to the target port.

I normally sidestep this issue by using poudriere. However, I am trying
to use PORTS_MODULES in conjunction with my kernel upgrade process to
generate ports-based kernel modules matching the new kernel, to avoid the
"disable kmods/reboot/build ports/reenable kmods" dance.

It seems "make buildkernel" uses tool binaries from a prior "make buildworld".

Is it possible to, in a like manner, cause the ports built via PORTS_MODULES
to install and use their dependencies in this same "world" staging tree
(or in some alternate place) instead of directly in the host's file system?

G. Paul Ziemba
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