Re: Updating Samba

From: Andrea Venturoli <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 07:37:18 UTC
On 6/19/22 11:35, Carmel wrote:

> Is this due to some technical problem?

Yes, there are several technical challenges.

First, Samba is designed for Linux.
The developers' attitude (right or wrong, I'm not discussing this) is: 
"we use Linux, we develop for Linux, all others please submit patches".
So Samba won't build out of the box (and have a look at the tons of 
patches the current ports have to provide).
Sometimes there's just no FreeBSD equivalent of some Linuxism and either 
remove some functionality is removed or something must be added in the 
system (e.g. Andrew from iXsystems told me Samba 4.15 won't work on 
FreeBSD 12 as some kernel API was added in 13).

Second, Samba is evolving fast (see, e.g.
This means all patching and testing needs to be redone almost anew.

Third, getting Samba to compile is hard, but it's the easiest part.
Testing is very complicated due to the different roles, protocol 
versions, myriad of options, client peculiarities, etc...

The iXsystems port looks like a promising start point, but, TrueNAS 
differs (in their own words) a little from FreeBSD.
Besides, they totally ignored DC support.


Count me in if someone is able to coordinate this work.