Re: git pull not replicating?

From: Andy Farkas <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2022 20:24:24 UTC
Thank you Michael and Mark, you have increased my understanding of git
such that it now makes a bit more sense of what is going on. The many
many git manpages I find hard to comprehend. (what does <tree-ish>
supposed to mean?)

On 19/06/2022 3:13 am, Mark Millard wrote:

> (Deleting/moving directory
> trees from the likes of inside /usr/ports is a
> valid type of development operation.

I see. That makes sense.

> "git -C /usr/ports pull" is basically a sequence
> ( I made the command explicit about /usr/ports ):
> # git -C /usr/ports fetch
> # git -C /usr/ports merge

The manpage mentions this.

> The git fetch means that you have a full copy available
> locally...

... of the .git tree...

>   that you could check out into a directory tree...

... via 'git merge':

> The git merge has to do with updating the local
> directory tree to deal with both already-changed
> local content and the fetched material.

Seems I had a misunderstanding of 'merge' and 'checkout'.

> It is not the goal of this to do the likes of a
> "git -C /usr/ports reset --hard HEAD".


> A question here is if you maintain any deliberate
> changes of your own in your tree. (Are you acting
> like a developer at all?)

I'm a mere mortal user... although I was once listed in the now
non-existent FreeBSD 'Contributors' web page...

> # git -C /usr/ports reset --hard HEAD
> would destroy any deliberate changes to things
> in your /usr/ports tree.

Bingo!  This is what I'm after.

> git is biased to on-going development and so expects
> to deal with differences being involved in the local
> directory tree. It is extra work to be sure no
> differences occur or to remove the differences when
> unintended ones show up. It is not automatic.

There ya go..

Thanks again,