Re: MATE desktop , compiz does not work properly after disable gconf support

From: Chris <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 19:35:15 UTC
On 2022-06-17 00:00, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 16, 2022 at 09:37:19PM -0700, Chris wrote:
>> On 2022-06-15 16:50, Minoru TANABE wrote:
>> > Hi all.
>> > I'm using MATE desktop and compiz. For several years, they work fine.
>> You should be able to get your previous (gnome related) settings via
>> gsettings (man 1 gsettings for more details)
>> Try the following:
>> gsettings list-recursively | grep compiz
>> or
>> gsettings list-recursively | grep org.compiz
>> you can save the output by redirecting it to a file
>> gsettings list-recursively | grep compiz > /path/to/file
>> I hope to have x11-wm/ccsm and x11-wm/compizconfig-python ready to
>> re-introduce to the ports tree tomorrow. Which will allow for the
>> (re)configuration of compiz integration, and allow you to use the
>> Backend=ini instead of Backend=gconf
Here's some more that you may find helpful in the mean time.
if it doesn't already exist. Then create
with the following contents:
profile =
integration = true
backend = ini
plugin_list_autosort = true

You can also create
that contains all your chosen plugins. It could look something like this:
as_click_to_focus = false
as_active_plugins = 
s0_force_independent_output_painting = true
s0_focus_prevention_level = 2
as_autoraise_delay = 508


> Great work, do not hesitate to ping me if needed, (note that I will probably
> only be able to commit by monday, but if noone did, I will commit what needs 
> to
> be committed)
Thanks. Will do.
> Best regards,
> Bapt