Re: Need opinion on license type

From: Nuno Teixeira <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 11:47:49 UTC
Hello Lorenzo,

First of all thank you all that help me on this subject.

Ok, I've take a look at math/maxima and I simplified it to:
LICENSE_NAME=   Iozone clause
LICENSE_FILE=   ${WRKSRC}/../..//docs/License.txt
LICENSE_PERMS=  dist-mirror dist-sell pkg-mirror pkg-sell auto-accept
portlint and 'make check-license' is happy

Is this ok?


Lorenzo Salvadore <> escreveu no dia sexta,
17/06/2022 à(s) 10:36:

> > IMO at first sight it seems NONE since it don't match Predefined License
> > List
> >
> A non predefined License is not NONE, it's a license that you have to
> specify
> manually, see for example
> You can find another example in math/maxima, where I had to add a
> license.
> If you put NONE, then no permission will be specified, although the
> license seems to give
> some. For example I think dist-mirror is fine.
> But please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer.
> Cheers,
> Lorenzo Salvadore