Re: sysutils/lsof: help!

From: Stefan Esser <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 07:23:29 UTC
Am 13.06.22 um 03:01 schrieb Damjan Jovanovic:
>     >> PS: A patch that applies the ZFS fixes to sysutils/lsof can be
>     >>     fetched from:
>     >>
>     >>
>     <>
>     >
>     > Thanks, Stefan.
>     >    What will it take to get those 2 differential reviews in to the system?
>     Hi Larry,
>     I have marked D34184 and D34323 as accepted, since these patches could
>     be applied without conflicts (except for the version updates in param.h).
> No no no!
> DO NOT accept D34323, lsof should be patched to use the superior implementation
> in D34756.

I was adding a comment that you may want to close the abandoned revision,
but was surprised to notice that I could close it as well, and have done
that to avoid future confusion ...

I had looked at D34756, but had only seen the patch to update the nfs4 ACL
access functions in sys/ufs/ufs/acl.h.

Looking again I see that there are a lot of other patches in the history of
that review.

Is there an easy way to fetch them all in one go, or do they have to be
individually fetched and applied?

> Sorry I've been busy, I'll try update
> <> to use it soon.

OK, as reported the patches work after resolving the conflicts and with
D34323 applied to the kernel sources.

I think that the fork in could be a base
for your update of the pull request for D34576, since it at least resolves
the issues the pull request had.

Best regards, STefan